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Norway Spruce Wholesale Christmas Trees

Fast-growing Christmas trees with the classic Christmas scent and a traditional appeal for retail buyers, making Norway Spruce Christmas trees an excellent choice for wholesale buyers

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Norway Spruce

The traditional Christmas tree! When pruned, it has the ideal shape and density for a Christmas tree and is significantly less expensive than the Nordman and Fraser Fir.

The Norway Spruce is not as good at retaining needles as the other species, although if cut freshly and treated properly by putting it into a water holding stand, it will last well.

The Norway Spruce is a strong tree with upwardly slanted branches. It is a great tree for those that love the heavier style Christmas decorations. The spruce aroma is also very pleasing in the room.

Why Choose Norway Spruce Christmas Trees?

Norway Spruce have a number of benefits that make them appealing to customers in the UK.


Norway Spruces are typically more affordable than some other species of Christmas trees. This makes them a popular choice for customers on a budget, and also means good margins for retailers.

Classic Christmas Scent

Norway Spruces have a strong, traditional Christmas tree scent that many people enjoy. This can be a major selling point for customers.

Fast Growing

Norway Spruces grow relatively fast compared to other Christmas tree species. This can be an advantage for wholesalers, as it reduces the time between planting and when a tree can be sold.

Good for Large Decorations

Norway Spruces have strong branches that can hold heavier ornaments. For customers who like to use a lot of large, heavy decorations, this can be an advantage.


They are very hardy trees that can tolerate a range of soil types and weather conditions. This makes them a reliable choice for retailers.

Attractive Appearance

With their dense foliage, triangular shape, and dark green needles, Norway Spruces are visually appealing, adding to their desirability as Christmas trees.

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