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Nordman Fir Wholesale Christmas Trees

Our beautiful, high needle retention and low scent Nordman Fir Christmas trees are perfect for wholesale buyers around the UK. Read on to learn more about one of the UK’s most popular Christmas trees.

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Nordman Fir

This is the most popular Christmas tree in the UK. It has a classic Christmas tree shape, excellent needle retention and soft, long, dark green needles. It is pruned annually by hand to maintain its shape and improve density.

Originating from the mountains in Georgia and southern Russia this is the most popular Christmas Tree in the UK due to its shape. It starts with a nice wide base that curves up perfectly to fit all those Christmas presents under the tree.

Each of our trees are unique and will have their own appearance but expect this luxurious tree to be thick, soft and with glossy needles that have dark green and silver tones throughout its branches.

Why Choose Nordman Fir Christmas Trees?

We are large enough to provide for all of your wholesale Christmas tree needs, and compact enough to ensure a high quality of product and service to every one our customers

Beautiful Christmas Trees

With their dark green, glossy foliage, Nordman Firs are considered one of the most attractive varieties of Christmas tree. They have a full, pyramid shape and branches that are evenly spaced, providing plenty of room for ornaments.


These trees are known for their longevity, remaining fresh and vibrant for a long time after being cut, especially if they are well cared for.

Minimal Scent

While some customers love a strong pine scent, others prefer a tree with a milder fragrance. Nordmann Firs have a very light scent, which can appeal to the latter group of customers.

Low Allergenicity

Nordmann Firs produce less pollen and have less aromatic oil than some other types of Christmas trees, which may make them a better choice for customers with allergies or sensitivities.

Excellent Needle Retention

Nordmann Firs are known for their superior needle retention. This makes them a favourite among customers who wish to avoid the common problem of dropped needles during the holiday season.

Fire Resistant

Nordmann Firs are less flammable than some other types of Christmas trees, making them a potentially safer choice.

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