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Lodgepole Pine Wholesale Christmas Trees

These long-lasting, strongly scented Christmas trees are an ideal choice for families around the holidays, making them popular with our wholesale clients

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Lodgepole Pine Christmas Trees

If you are looking for great needle retention at a low cost, then this is your tree! It has long green needles and a dense appearance although it sometimes does not conform to the neat conical shape of a traditional Christmas tree!

This is the perfect Christmas Tree for a big space with high ceilings and has a wonderful pine scent. It also holds on to its pines for a long time which makes it a long-lasting tree.

The Lodgepole Pine is also a good choice for families with Children as this Christmas Tree has soft big lush needles and a wonderful pine scent.

Why Choose Fraser Fir Christmas Trees?

We are large enough to provide for all of your wholesale Christmas tree needs, and compact enough to ensure a high quality of product and service to every one our customers

Strong Needle Retention

Lodgepole Pines are known for their excellent needle retention. Even after being cut, these trees hold onto their needles well, making them an attractive choice for customers and reducing the need for cleanup.

The Green Option

Lodgepole Pines are our Christmas tree species free from Pesticides and artificial fertilisers

Unusual Appeal

Unlike some other more common Christmas tree types, Lodgepole Pines can offer something a bit different. Their long, slender shape and the unique arrangement of their branches can appeal to customers looking for a less traditional Christmas tree.

Long Lasting

Lodgepole Pines tend to last a long time after being cut, especially if they’re well cared for. (Ideally your tree should not be purchased prior to the 2nd week of December to keep your tree fresh throughout the festive season).

Pleasant Aroma

Lodgepole Pines produce a pleasant, light, piney fragrance that can add to the festive atmosphere.

Dense Foliage

The dense, dark green foliage of the Lodgepole Pine gives it a full, lush appearance that many customers find appealing.

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