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Fraser Fir Wholesale Christmas Trees

Combining improved needle retention with the ultimate Christmas tree scent, Fraser Fir Christmas trees are an attractive option for wholesalers and retailers across the UK

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Fraser Fir Christmas Trees

The Fraser Fir Christmas Tree is often described as looking like a Norway Spruce, with the improved needle retention of a Nordman fir, this tree also smells divine!

It can suffer from a less regular appearance than other varieties, although this is more than outweighed by it’s other qualities.

The Fraser Fir is a popular Christmas Tree as it lasts for around 5 weeks and is an ideal choice for families and houses with pets.

Why Choose Fraser Fir Christmas Trees?

We are large enough to provide for all of your wholesale Christmas tree needs, and compact enough to ensure a high quality of product and service to every one our customers

Classic Christmas Tree Shape

Fraser Firs have a classic Christmas tree shape with dense, compact foliage. Their needles are dark green on top and silvery underneath, adding to their visual appeal.

Long Lasting

Even after they are cut, Fraser Firs can last for several weeks, especially with proper care. This reduces the risk of trees drying out and losing their appeal before they are sold. (Ideally your tree should not be purchased prior to the 2nd week of December to keep your tree fresh throughout the festive season).

Pleasant Fragrance

Fraser Firs have a strong, pleasant scent that many people associate with Christmas. This can add to the festive atmosphere and is often a major selling point for customers.

Good Grower Demand

Fraser Firs are in high demand because they’re often considered premium Christmas trees. This can translate into strong sales and higher profits for sellers.

Strong Branches

The branches of Fraser Firs are strong and upward-turning, making them ideal for holding ornaments and other decorations.


Fraser Firs are relatively hardy, able to withstand colder temperatures and more adverse weather conditions than some other types of trees. This makes them a more reliable option for wholesalers and retailers.

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