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Wholesale Christmas Trees – Country Business

Providing quality trees of the highest quality for over 40 years, we are proud of our tradition of excellence

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Tradition of Excellence

Over 95% of our trees are sold wholesale, dispatched from our yard in Central Scotland.

The Spurway family have been growing top quality Wholesale Christmas trees on Harburn Estate for over 40 years, and this tradition of excellence, and attention to detail, has resulted in first class trees being produced at a sensible cost to the trade and wholesale operations.

We are able to cater for every outlet whether large commercial operations or small retailers.

At Country Business we pride ourselves in the quality of Wholesale tree produced and take great care to ensure that every tree reaches the market in optimum condition.

Understanding that freshness is the most important factor in minimising needledrop, we have developed a system that can guarantee that the trees are cut, processed and delivered in the minimum timeframe possible.

We Grow 4 Different Species Here on Our Farm

We also offer mixed pallets with a selection of trees.

All our trees are supplied in nets and delivered on pallets.

Nordman Fir

Discover the UK's best-selling Christmas tree, the Nordman Fir. Renowned for its stunning classical shape, these trees are hand-pruned to maintain a narrow yet dense profile, making them the top choice for customers. Their great needle retention ensures they remain beautiful throughout the holiday season.

Fraser Fir

Experience the delightful scent of the Fraser Fir, widely recognised as America's top selling Christmas tree. These trees are celebrated for their enchanting fragrance and impressive needle retention, making them a great choice for holiday decor. With their enduring beauty, they are hand pruned to achieve a sleeker look to complement modern homes.

Norway Spruce

Embrace tradition with our Norway Spruce Christmas trees. Known for their classical shape and affordability, these trees are the epitome of the traditional Christmas tree experience. For many homes, Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the charming presence of a Norway Spruce. Discover the perfect blend of nostalgia and festive beauty with this beloved holiday staple.

Lodgepole Pine

Choose the environmentally conscious option with our Lodgepole Pine Christmas trees. These trees are grown free from artificial pesticides or fertilisers, making them the "Green Option" for eco-conscious consumers. With their slender branches and rustic charm, it adds a natural touch to your festive decorations.

Why Choose Country Business?

With a stellar reputation as one of the most reliable suppliers of Christmas trees for retailers and wholesalers in the UK, we are proud of the standard of care that has allowed us to build relationships with some of the biggest names in the country.

Our tradition of excellence is something we continuously work to improve.

Home Grown Trees

There are over 1 million Nordman Fir, Fraser Fir, Norway Spruce and Lodgepole Pine growing on our farms in Scotland. Over 100,000 sold each year.

Over 40 Years Growing Experience

We pride ourselves in the quality of tree produced and take great care to ensure that every tree reaches the market in optimum condition.

Mixed Pallets

Explore the convenience of ordering a mixed pallet of Christmas trees from our selection of four different species, all grown on our farm in Scotland.

New Customers

We offer excellent rates for new and existing customers so get in touch for our best wholesale prices.

Nationwide Delivery

To maintain the quality of our trees from the field to the store, we ensure careful handling throughout the transport process. We are pleased to be able to provide delivery to all locations across the UK

Tradition of Excellence

Providing high quality trees with the best customer service possible is part of our company ethos.

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