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Lodgepole Pine Christmas Tree Retail


Lodgepole Pine Premium Cut Christmas Trees

The Lodgepole Pine has the perfect shape for a large room with high ceilings, great needle retention at a low cost, which makes it a great Christmas tree. However, it doesn’t always conform to the neat conical shape of a traditional Christmas Tree but is still a beautiful tree.

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4ft – 10ft Real Lodgepole Pine Premium Cut Christmas Trees

The Lodgepole Pine is the perfect choice of Christmas Tree for high ceilings and large rooms. It is a long-lasting tree that holds its needles and has a wonderful pine scent.

This beautiful tree is native to the Rocky Mountains of the United States of America and as growers, we like its resistance to pests and its ability to grow well on poor wet soils.

All of our Christmas trees are grown by Harburn Estates, which are based in Central Scotland.

  • We grow over 1 million trees and offer 4 different species of Christmas Trees which are freshly cut to order.
  • We care for our Christmas Trees year-round pruning and maintaining them ready for the special time of year.
  • All our retail prices include VAT.
  • Local delivery within 10-mile radius of Harburn Estate is available with a small charge. Delivery days for 2022 are: 22 November, 29 November and 6 December

The 4 species of trees that we offer:

  • The Nordman Fir is a low needle drop tree;
  • The Norway Spruce is a more traditional Christmas Tree due to its shape and density;
  • The Lodgepole Pine has great needle retention at a low cost; and
  • The Fraser Fir which is similar shape to a Norway Spruce with a divine smell and softer needles.

Discounts for Wholesalers

If you are looking to order wholesale Christmas Trees, we are able to supply trees from 4ft up to 20ft high.

To purchase our wholesale Christmas Trees please call our offices today at 01506 870033 or email us for our special discounted wholesale rates at info@countrybusiness.co.uk

Harburn Estate successfully grows over 1 million Christmas Trees here in the UK.  Understanding that freshness is the most important factor in minimising needle-drop, we have developed a system that guarantees that the trees are cut, processed and delivered in the minimum timeframe possible.

If you need help in selecting your tree, please read the various pages on our trees or drop us an email for more information.

  • We offer various grades of trees.
  • All our trees are homegrown with no imports.
  • We cut our trees fresh to order.
  • Whatever size of order or quantity of Christmas trees we can help you find the right price and order. We even offer mixed pallets of trees.

Please contact us on 01506 870033 or email: info@countrybusiness.co.uk for a bespoke quotation.

Care for our trees

We are continually out on our farm pruning our trees and grading them throughout the year.

We have over 40 years of experience of growing Christmas Trees in the UK, and are able to cater for every outlet whether large commercial operations or small retailers.

In order to provide a well-formed fully grown tree we regularly prune and shape our trees. Only the finest trees meet the grade for cutting.

All trees are graded, netted and palletised, before being placed on a lorry for delivery.

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4ft – 120cm to 150cm, 5ft – 150cm to 180cm, 6ft – 180cm to 210cm, 7ft – 210cm to 240cm